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Born and raised in Winnipeg, we thrive on enhancing our neighbourhoods through unique projects and design.

Offering full scale design build services, Paris Developments is a Winnipeg based boutique real estate firm specializing in compelling real estate development, professional construction services and project management.

To facilitate our vision of the absolute best customer service possible, it is of utmost importance for us to handpick the best our city has to offer in terms of team members, investors, contractors, service providers and design specialists.

Our passion is working collectively with our communities to achieve the common goal of improving our great city and enhancing infill development. After all, we are also proud members of the neighbourhoods we serve and operate within.

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Our Latest Insights:

How We Can Save Our Trees Today June 27, 2021

Tree Population Winnipeg has an estimated 8,000,000 trees within its urban canopy. There are several species that make up our tree population, with the most common being Ash & Elm trees. Speaking of, Winnipeg is…

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The importance of responsible infill development June 27, 2021

Simply put, older properties that are demolished and repurposed with new housing is referred to as infill development. Infill housing allows homeowners to enjoy benefits of living in a newly constructed home with the latest…

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